Sunbelt tailors a wide range of litigation support solutions specializing in a worry-free
approach empowering litigators to turn their full attention to winning their case.

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Sunbelt Reporting & Litigation Services has been contributing to the success of Texas law firms since 1978. "One Call Does it All" to any of our offices in Houston, Dallas, Corpus Christi, Austin, San Antonio or Tyler. Our experienced staff is always ready to serve your every need in any zip code and any time zone around the globe, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can rely on Sunbelt's experience, technology, and professional staff to deliver the accuracy and follow-through you need to strengthen your litigation strategies.

Biz PeopleHow is Sunbelt Different?

Sunbelt delivers worry-free, consistent, timely, effective, personalized service. Our professionals take the logistical and technological worries off your shoulders, empowering you to turn your full attention to winning your case.

Biz PeopleWe pride ourselves in hand picking the right team of people to focus on your individual needs and preferences. Our team becomes an extension of your support staff. We take the time and interest to truly understand your specific needs and preferences, thus providing continuity of service from one case to the next. This personalized service ensures the quality-consistent results you expect and deserve.

Sunbelt is the right size to handle any request, focused on delivering personalized service, and attentive to your individual needs. You will deal directly with our experts, not a cumbersome bureaucracy.

Available Services:

Sunbelt has developed the most extensive and comprehensive reporting and litigation support services available:

Court Reporting Services:

  • Depositions (Oral and Video)
  • Video-Conferencing
  • Arbitrations, Hearings, Seminars, Board Meetings
  • Real-Time Reporting (LiveNote)
  • Daily Copy
  • E-Mail Instant Delivery (E-Transcript)
  • Condensed Transcripts
  • Transcript Word Index
  • Complimentary Conference Rooms with Depositions Scheduled via Sunbelt
  • Complete Examination and Exhibit Index
  • Interpretation / Translation
  • Transcription (Video and Audio)
  • Transcript Archiving

Legal Video Services:

  • Video Depositions
    • Picture in Picture Depositions
    • Elmo (Document Camera) Mix Depositions
  • Video / Transcript Synchronization
  • Video Editing
  • Video Tape to CD Conversion
  • Video Tape to DVD Conversion
  • Video Duplication (Tape, CD and DVD)
  • Photography Services
  • Mediation and Courtroom Playback
  • Video Archiving

Litigation Support Services:

  • Civil Process
    • Deposition Subpoenas
    • Witness / Trial Subpoenas
    • Discovery Subpoenas (Production of Documents)
    • Citations / TROs
    • Federal Summons
    • Witness Locates / Surveillance
  • Records Retrieval
    • Depositions By Written Questions
    • Business Record Affidavits
    • Rule 205.3 Discovery Subpoenas
    • Affidavits Prior To Suit
    • Court Record Retrieval
    • Letters Rogatory/Commissions
    • Notary Services
    • Litigation Reprographics
  • Document Management & Reprographic Services
    • Document Production
    • High Speed Document Scanning
    • Copying / Color Copying
    • Exhibit Boards
    • Exhibit Processing
    • Bates Stamping
    • E-Transcript
    • Binder
  • Presentation Technology
    (Mediation or Trial)
    (These services are provided independently by RainMaker Litigation Solutions.)
    • Experienced Expert Consultants
    • Interactive Graphical Time-Lines
    • Settlement Brochures
      • Multimedia CD or DVD
      • Paper Booklets
    • "A Day In The Life" Video Documentaries
    • Exhibit Boards
    • DVD Video Documentaries
    • Sanction II Expertise
    • Trial Director Expertise
    • PowerPoint Expertise
    • Summation Expertise

Conferencing Facilities:

  • Video-Conferencing
  • Mediation Facilities
  • Meeting / Conference Rooms
  • Facilities Across Texas

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